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The roots of Rocca Busambra Wine Company date back to 1970. At that time, founder Giovanni Piranio first began producing wines. For more than thirty years, the Company has produced great wine and improved its quality techniques. Since 2002, new productions of local vineyard grapes have been introduced and the company has seen a steady increase in its production. The founder’s children and grandchildren have taken the company’s legacy and have started a new phase for “Vitivinicola Rocca Busambra.” From 2002 until now, the company Rocca Busambra has had great success in conquering local and nonlocal wine markets. Its geographical position, the exposition of its lands and the composition of our soils make its wine yield optimal.

The Piranios have always cultivated their lands with passion, deep respect for the territory, and attention to new technologies. Piranio’s estates are framed by a rarely beautiful land at a height between 200 and 450 mt above sea level. We benefit from the local environment, which makes our wine excellent. The estates cover an area of 20 hectares in a land characterized by good fertility and a natural amount of carbonates and microelements useful to the vine. These aspects—together with the micro-climatic influence of the nearby Belice river’s tributary—result in perfect soil and climate conditions for wine growing. Research and experimentation, love and passion are the principles upon which we produce our marvelous wine.

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Quality without compromise

From 2002 until now, Rocca Busambra has had great success in conquering local and nonlocal wine markets

We always strive to improve our production’s high quality.

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Who we are in numbers

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Love and passion for Our Land

We do not just produce to earn a profit: we put our heart in every single producing process to enhance our land at its best.

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